Kobayashi-sangyo co.,ltd.


Our main theme of CSR is to accomplish the customer satisfaction and the contribution to the environmental preservation through providing the products of high quality.

[ Customer Satisfaction ]

  1. We provide attractive and high-quality products to give complete satisfaction to our customers.
  2. The materials are inspected by third-party institutions for their quality to meet our quality standard.

[ Environmental Preservation ]

  1. We strive ourselves for the reduction and recycling of waste through practicing "6S, 3R" slogan. - 6S: SEIRI(Tidiness), SEITON(Orderliness), SEISO(Cleanliness), SEIKETSU(Standardization), SHITSUKE(Discipline), SAFETY 3R: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE
  2. In addition, we avoid the use of environmentally harmful materials as much as possible.
  3. As a movement to environmental preservation, we have donated to the “White Stork foundation” which Toyooka city has been actively involved in.
  4. We are in full compliance with related laws and ordinance in Japan and overseas.